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REVIEW: Oarsman Ale from Bell's

by Jay Morris

Last weekend I went on a search for a beer to sip while I stain my deck. That day was hot and humid, I took that into account when I stumbled upon Oarsman Ale from Bells . The bottle said "tart and refreshing from using traditional sour mash methods". Sounded good to me and I was in the mood to try something new. 

Oarsman Ale (ABV 4.0%) is a sour mash wheat beer fermented with Bell's house yeast. I had this beer bottle poured, looked a very light cloudy yellow. Nice head to start, but dissipated quickly, but had very nice carbonation. I could smell the tart sour mash before the beer even touched my lips. Tasted sour,but not an overpowering sour, enough to give Oarsman a nice kick. I would best call it green apple tart, it was really nice tartness level at the back of the throat. 

This beer may be an acquired taste, I loved it. It had that perfect crispness that you usually only get from a hard cider. Great hot humid summer beer.