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It Takes a Sex Symbol

by Lori Moore

I admire Angelina Jolie for her bravery in making a wrenching decision and making it public.  She joins the ranks of other "previvors"; women who have taken proactive steps to remove their breasts and/or uterus and ovaries after discovering a genetic predisposition to cancer.

Why do I feel so slimy having it be the top story all morning long on CBS NEWS and every other news outlet?

A number of other...granted...not "A LIST" celebrities have come forward after making the same decision: Christina Applegate, and most recently Sharon Osbourne to name a few.  They, too, were very forthcoming about their decisions.

BUT THEY'RE NOT SEX SYMBOLS.  And it's so much more of a tragedy when a SEX SYMBOL loses her breasts.

Trust me.  Having been diagnosed at 50, I had a lot of "SO WHAT? YOU'RE 50" attitudes from even a cretin doctor.  But we're talking about a SEX SYMBOL'S breasts so it's the top story.

I hope her candor saves lives.  She deserves all the respect in the world.  But I am burning my lopsided bra on behalf of the jillions of other survivors and previvors who aren't making headlines because the loss of their body parts isn't a hit to men's fantasies.