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10 Most Annoying Vacation Photos People Post

by Christy Taylor

This summer, every time you log onto facebook, you'll see SOMEONE's vacation photos.

So since we're secretly jealous of them . . . let's judge them.

Anew survey came up with the 10 most ANNOYING types of photos people post from their vacations.

(just for fun I went through my fb newsfeed and found an example for almost every one! Including one or two of my own pictures...oops!)


( Daily Mail )

1. A screenshot of your iPhone screen showing the temperature.

2. Selfies.


3. "Hot dog legs" . . . that's when you take a photo lying on the beach with your knees up so your tan legs look like two hot dogs.

Close enough!

4. Jumping.

pools seem to be what the cool kids are doing!

5. Pretending to hold up a building, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

How about a giant roller skate?

6. Your name written in the sand.


7. Your head sticking through a hole in one of those wooden boards with bodies painted on them, so it looks like you've got the body of a mermaid or carnival strongman.

8. Sunsets


9. Blue skies and palm trees.

found those, too

10. Food or drinks.