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5 Things I Learned Saturday Morning

by Christy Taylor

On Saturday, I was honored to emcee the Step Forward to Prevent Suicide Walk at Falls Park. It was the 3rd annual event organized by the Helpline Center.

Here's what I learned:

5. A Little Sweat Never Hurt Anyone
We were THRILLED it wasn't raining Saturday morning--but holy cow was it hot and muggy!! That didn't stop anyone from participating in the event. And, let me tell you, it's every host's worst nightmare to be visibly sweating while on stage--but soon I realized it didn't matter, we were all a sweaty mess together, and that was totally okay :)

4. Volunteerism is Going Strong
I absolutely love seeing so many people come together to support a worthy cause. It took tons of planning, preparation and SWEAT to pull off this event--all done by volunteers. Their dedication blew me away

Suicide Affects Everyone
I've been fortunate in never losing someone close to me to suicide. Somehow I still felt the loss that everyone in the park was feeling for their loved ones. I had the honor of reading the names we were there to remember, a very meaningful part of the ceremony. To know the impact those 100+ lives had on everyone they left behind helped me realize what an important event I was taking part in.

2. Balloons Truly Are Magical
As a kid you're drawn to them and can be entertained by them for hours! But Saturday they represented loved ones of so many. The release at the end of the ceremony brought healing and tears and the release of many loving thoughts and prayers.

1. You Don't Have to Cope Alone
Hundreds of people came together Saturday morning all with similar stories of grief and pain. Sharing the experience with others seemed to immediately help. Suddenly, they didn't feel so alone. That's the goal of the Helpline Center and 211 . There's always someone on the other end ready to listen and to remind you that you are not alone. Raising money at the Walk to Prevent Suicide will go to the programs and services for victims and anyone who just needs someone to talk to.

I'm excited to be a part of the walk again next year.

See more pictures of the event HERE