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FITNESS FIX: Energy Boosts and Busts

by Christy Taylor

Food is your body's main source of energy fuel. But, the wrong choices can leave you feeling foggy, groggy and exhausted, instead. And some energy busters to avoid are things you'd least expect!

Like sugar substitutes . Even though they save you a few calories, your body is unable to digest most sweeteners. They can also cause stomach distress like bloating and gas, which are total energy drainers.

And thats one reason you should also limit your sugar free gum , too. The act of chewing gum alone can cause you to swallow air and cause bloating and gas.

For an energy BOOST, add healthy fats to your diet like avocados, nuts, and olive oil.

Processed foods will always drag you down. A good rule of thumb, is to opt for foods with the shortest list of ingredients.

And water, water, water. Were told all the time to drink up. And having more energy is one more reason to follow that advice. Start with just having an 8 ounce glass of water with every meal.

And finally, the big debate. Energy Drink or Energy Bar? Go for the energy BAR. Drinks cause an extra boost in energy, but its usually short lived. A bar will keep your body going longer and has more nutritional value. But remember, the less ingredients, the better.