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Honeymoon in Vegas!

by Christy Taylor

The wedding was absolutely PERFECT.
Now everyone keeps asking about the honeymoon!
It too, was awesome. Here's some pictures from our trip!

We started in Vegas for the first two nights and stayed at the Monte Carlo. When we saw this slot machine we couldn't resist! (we're totally excited for next season btw!)

And, who doesn't LOVE a parade!!? This Blue Man Group train is a nightly event at the hotel's casino

I made Seth ride the roller coaster with me at New York New York

Proof that we didn't lose....at every game ;) These tickets all started with a $20

On Tuesday we rented a car and headed for Arizona, and stopped at the Hover Dam on the way

Then we spent a few days in Fountain Hills, AZ, where Seth's aunt and uncle own a summer home on a golf course! We had this AMAZING house all to ourselves!

And yes, they had a pool.

BEST THING EVER...starting with a morning run and swim!!

...and tan ;)

They even had a jeep for us to cruise around town in

While everything else is bone dry...the trees have GREEN bark. The desert is a weird place.

We spent some time in downtown Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Fountain Hills where we found another landmark

Still as happy as can be--even when getting ready to go home.