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March Madness Mascot Rankings

by Christy Taylor

March Madness is more than brackets, upsets and Cinderella tales. It's about mascots, the proud, the beautiful and the downright awkward.  

Thanks to bleacherreport.com , here's the official March Madness Mascot Rankings .
If, you know, you're into this sort of thing.

According to the site: 
For the rankings we are grading on a few things, but most importantly the look and feel of the mascot. Tradition is important, which you will see in time. But we really like nods to originality, style and mascots that don't look creepy. 

  • Looks: Life is all about looks. I am sure some of these mascots have amazing personalities, but those that tumbled from the ugly tree will fall in the rankings. 
  • Originality: If you adore wildcats, cats that aren't wild and dogs, boy are you in luck! The only caveat to this is having your mascot as a tree, because that's dumb. 
  • Style: This might be the most important, and it really separates some of the similar mascots. 
  • Tradition and Popularity: Some of the more iconic get a bump because when it comes to mascots, we are bandwagon fans.