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Must-Dos This Spring

by Christy Taylor

It looks like we will have a great weekend to get outside! Since nice weather is so hard to come by in the midwest, we ought to take full advantage of it when we can!!

Here, 12 springtime must-dos sure to make for amazing memories for your whole family ...

1. Stage a fun family photo shoot
Take pics in your favorite park, lake, or even the backyard.

2. Have a picnic
Maybe after the photo shoot?

3. Check out cherry blossoms
Head to the nearest place where you can spot these majestic spring flowers. Although D.C. is the #1 hot spot for spying cherry blossoms, San Fran, Brooklyn, and Macon, Georgia also boast 'em.

4. Plant a garden together
You'll foster one another's green thumbs and set up some delicious eats for a few months from now!

5. Take a field trip to a farm
To learn how crops grow and visit the animals.

6. Hike in a forest preserve
To check out and maybe photograph everything that's budding and blooming.

7. Learn to sail
There's nothing like getting out on the water on a perfect 70-something degree day.

8. Make your own kites and go fly 'em
Hit the park on a day when the wind is juuust right, and take a colorful kite to the skies.

9. Clean up your grill and have your first BBQ
Nothing like the first burgers and dogs of the season. Yum!

10. Volunteer for a community spring cleanup
Spring cleaning can be fun and for a good cause!

11. Play softball
Rev up for baseball season with a little game of catch.

12. Feed the ducks at a pond
Or try to spy turtles or other animals who are just now coming out of hibernation!