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Try This Prank at Your Office!

by Christy Taylor

This is sheer BRILLIANCE! I have to give my own boss credit for it.
If you work at an office that does a lot of paperwork or printing, this is an AWESOME way to make your coworkers go crazy!
All you need is a paperclip, blank paper and the printer

Put your paperclip in one of the corners on the printer, and put a blank page over top. Hit COPY.

Then, copy that page 50 or 60 times and replace all of the paper in the tray with your new paperclip paper. Remove the paper clip from the scanner and carry on with your day.

Before you know it, coworkers will be dissecting the printer looking for the stray paperclip that keeps showing up on all of their important documents!
It worked so well here at the radio station, the receptionist called the printer company in to figure it out!!

Absolutely PRICELESS.