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Beatles' Secretary Gets Her Ten Minutes

by Mark Cartwright

Just when you think every possible story has been told about the Beatles, someone says, "Wait!  We never focused on-fill in the blank .  Well, there's a new Beatles documentary film opening tomorrow in New York.  Does if focus on John?  No. Paul?  No, George or Ringo?  No... Their roadies, Neil Aspinal and Mal Evans?  No.  Their manager, Brian Epstien?  No.

How about their secretary? Ah ha!

The new documentary, "Good Ol' Freda puts the spotlight on Freda King, who was the Beatles secretary.  Of course she'll talk about Beatlemania from her perspective.  She says she tried to get over that they were just four ordinary guys from Liverpool with their feet on the ground, and that they stayed normal through all this madness.

I think I'll wait for the DVD.  I'll make a movie marathon out of it as soon as they make a documentary about the Beatles' plumber.

Photo by:  By United Press International (UPI Telephoto) Cropping and retouching: User:Indopug and User:Misterweiss [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons