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Fleetwood Mac Tour - WITH Christine McVie - to Kick off in Minneapolis!

by Mark Cartwright

Minneapolis gets the treat of seeing Fleetwood Mac reunite in full before anybody else.  The band is heading out on a 33 city tour this fall, and the first date on the list is at The Target Center in Minneapolis.  How exciting!  The show is September 30th, and tickets go on sale April 7th.  Christine McVie, who left the band, saying she was tired of the rigors of the road, will tour with the band for the first time since she left in 1998, which means the line-up from their Rumours era heyday will be together once again.  I have seen the band minus Christine, and they were still terrific.  Lindsey Buckingham continues to amaze as a guitar player, and you can't help but smile when Stevie Nicks begins to twirl.  Plus, the rock solid rhythm section of John McVie and Mick Fleetwood has always been there.  But at the end, there was just one cog missing in the machine, and that cog will return, when I hear Christine sing "Songbird" again with her old friends.