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Former HEART Members Lawsuit Against R&R Hall of Fame Brings Questions

by Mark Cartwright

Two former members of the band Heart are suing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Bassist Mark Andes and drummer Dennis Carmassi , played in Heart from 1982 to 1993. They're suing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for using images of them to promote the event, though they were not specifically inducted themselves.

They charge invasion of privacy, injurious falsehood, libel and slander.

Apparently, it's causing them embarrassment that people are congratulating them on making "The Hall" when in fact, they didn't, just the band they played for did.

Come on, man.

I have nothing against Andes and Carmassi. They were probably instrumental in the success of the band during those great years of the 80s. But really, how many of you can pick either one of these individuals out of a lineup of musicians? By Wikipedia's account, there have been THIRTY SEVEN members of Heart over the years. The face of the band will always be the Wilson sisters. Everybody else is, well, everybody else , regardless of the role they played, and how well they did it. And think if this sort of thing ends up going beyond Andes and Carmassi, to other band members, and even other BANDS! My gosh, think about the gazillion members The Doobie Brothers have trotted out on stage over the years! What if they all take offense at not being individually inducted? In my opinion, it's silly. So, instead of being embarrassed when somebody says "Congratulations on you guys making the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, wouldn't it just be easier to say. "Thanks, it's quite the honor." HEART is in, which means you're in. Even if your individual names are not.