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I'll bet Ozzy doesn't give the money back.

by Mark Cartwright

So, in a recent interview with UK music magazine NME, Ozzy Osbourne said he regrets doing the MTV reality series "The Osbournes."


Ozzy is quoted as saying, "“Of course I regret doing the f***ing show. I didn’t want to be on f***ing television. I didn’t become a f***ing rock ‘n’ roll singer to read the f***ing weather forecast… It’s part of the reason I came back. This album pissed on all that.” 


Then I suggest giving all the money back.  From what I've read, Ozzy's family was pulling in five million dollars per episode in season #2.  According to Wikipedia, there were 22 episodes.  You do the math. 

So if there's truly regret, perhaps it's time to clear your conscience, Ozzy.  I'm just the guy to do it.  You can purge your tortured soul by simply depositing all that dough into an account in - say - MY name, and I'll believe you truly regret doing the series.