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KANSAS Finds New Singer

by Mark Cartwright
Hello Ronnie Platt.

That didn't take long, did it? Last time Kansas hired a new lead singer, it took months and months for them to go through piles of demos and find John Elefante.

This time was different.

The band has announced that their new singer\keyboardist will be the aforementioned Ronnie Platt.

Who? You may ask?

Ronnie Platt.

Ronnie's a great singer, and he spent several years singing for other bands, including one which featured a powerful, high vocals, some violin, and some great progressive arrangements.

Need a hint?

"Last Chance."

Ronnie spent about four years as the lead singer for Shooting Star, a terrific band out of Kansas City. He will have big shoes to fill in stepping in for Steve Walsh. I am a huge Steve Walsh fan, but I am also a fan of Shooting Star's music, and have been for many years. This seems like a good fit. Time will tell. If you've never heard of Shooting Star, here's a song that will remind you of Kansas. This is not Ronnie Platt, but it will show you why there is an easy connection between the two bands.