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KANSAS Violinist Suffers Heart Attack - Misses "Original 6" Event

by Mark Cartwright

With KANSAS soon to play their 40th Anniversary Fan Appreciation Night, at the Benedum theater in Pittsburgh, where they had one of their breakthrough show, they had a sudden wrench thrown into their cogs.  Original KANSAS violinist, Robby Steinhardt had suffered a heart attack on Friday, August 9th.  He underwent successful quadruple bypass surgery last week, and is doing well, but he was forced to miss the event in Pittsburgh, which was going to reunite the "Original 6" members of KANSAS:  Robby, Steve Walsh, Dave Hope, Kerry Livgren, Richard Williams and Phil Ehart.  We wish Robby a speedy recovery!

Photo by By Kirshner Records (From File:Kansas 1976.JPG) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons