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Loverboy Finds New Songs on Old Studio Tapes

by Mark Cartwright

The time constraints of vinyl have ended up providing Loverboy with some new old stock.  Their new album is going to contain songs which were recorded for the first albums,   Lead singer, Mike Reno said the band had recently taken all of their two-inch tapes from the early days and loaded them into the digital world.  In doing so, they found several numbers which were already recorded, which either got forgotten, or got cut from the final album's track list because of the time constraints of vinyl records.  The lost songs are going to make their way on to the new Loverboy album, which is a treat for fans.  Reno recently told Billboard that fans of "Workin' For the Weekend" and "Turn Me Loose" are going to love it.

I remember buying the first Loverboy album.  I was seventeen, and at the mall, killing time in the record store, like I did at least twice a week.  I bought the album without knowing a single song, or anything about the band.  I loved it.  It was in my car's cassette player for a month straight.  Months later, they came blazing through town, as the opening act for Kansas, and setting the crowd on fire.  Red leather pants and sweat bands became part of every cover bands wardrobe for years after that.