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New Fleetwood Mac Material is Exciting

by Mark Cartwright

Fleetwood Mac (including Christine McVie) has just emerged from a couple of months in the studio, and judging from recent interviews with the band, there will be a wealth of material on the new album! I find this to be one of the most intriguing stories in rock and roll right now. To get that lineup back together, not just for a nostalgia tour, but to put out a full album of fresh material is exciting. My hope is that it will not only spark Fleetwood Mac into another hot spot of their career, but if it's successful, I hope it sparks other bands from the era of "Rumours" to hit the studio again and make some new recordings. While there has been some new releases from the likes of Rod Stewart, Steely Dan and even the Eagles a while back, I, for one, would absolutely love to hear new material from veteran rockers, especially the ones like Styx and Kansas, who continue to play year after year. I know everybody wants to hear the hits, but it would still be great to hear some fresh offerings.

Fleetwood Mac kicks off it's tour in Minneapolis on September 30.