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TOTO hitting the road in North America

by Mark Cartwright

When it comes to a collection of great musicians, it's hard to beat the caliber of talent in Toto.  Toto will hit the road later this month for their first North American tour in more than a decade, and this time it features several original members.  It features of of the finest guitarists of the last 40 years, Mr. Steve "Luke" Lukather, keyboardists David Paich, and Steve Porcaro, and Joseph Williams on vocals.  Joe is the son of film composer John Williams of Star Wars fame.  Bassist Mike Porcaro had to leave the band due to Lou Gehrig's disease, so Nathan East will be playing bass,  Nathan has written and recorded with tons of great artists as well, from Elton John to Phil Collins... he actually wrote Easy Lover for Phillip Bailey and Phil Collins.  I've never understood why Toto has had such a tough time touring in the U.S.  In Europe their crowds are fanatic, but here at home it seems people just don't get Toto, and that's a shame.  They are still awesome live, and in the studio.  Perhaps it's because their music can be so complex, and have so many layers that it goes over the head of the average listener.  Don't expect anything called "Baby Baby Baby I Love You" out of Toto in an attempt to dumb it down, however.  They'd still rather make great music than sugar coated hits, and I really respect that.