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Yet Another Posthumous Hendrix Album

by Mark Cartwright

There's another Jimi Hendrix album being released November 5th.  It has two live shows recorded in Miami back in 1968.  There's also a new documentary about Hendrix,  It's called Hear My Train A Comin'

I've got nothing against Jimi.  He was brilliant.  I just watched a nine minute live performance of Red House on Youtube, and was glued to it.  It's just that the amount of material being released after his death dwarfs what he did during his lifetime.  Granted, he had to be somewhat prolific in order to leave this much material behind, and some of it was tied up in litigation for years, but I started looking up how many albums Jimi released during his life, and how many have been released since his death.  I was amazed!  According to my quick research, there have been ten studio albums, eighteen live albums, and twenty-eight compilation albums released, (plus a couple dozen "official" bootlegs), of which, a whopping four were released during Jimi's lifetime.


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