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February Beatles Blog # 11

by David Louis

Remember hearing about The Beatles backing up performer Tony Sheridan in 1961? The song was "My Bonnie" which was released in 1962 as being by "Tony Sheridan and The Beatles". It was first labeled as Sheridan and the "Beat Brothers" by mistake. This past weekend was the anniversary of Sheridan's death last year and a perfect time to talk about the roundabout way he was helpful in getting The Beatles on the faster track to success. 

The story starts with that song, "My Bonnie", and a kid looking to buy the record who didn't remember the lead singer's name but remembered "The Beatles" when asking for it at the record store. The record store owner said it was by "Tony Sheridan" and ordered it for the kid. The Beatles struck a chord with the fellow, however, as they were playing at a club nearby.

That record store guy was Brian Epstein and the place they were playing was the Cavern Club. He went, he saw and together they conquered!

It's also Yoko Ono's birthday today. Fun Fact: Her father was a descendant of an Emperor.