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February Beatles Blog # 12

by David Louis

Sport's Illustrated's 4th Greatest Moment in Sports History was about to take place in a week when Cassius Clay defeated Heavyweight Champ Sonny Liston.

On this day in 1964, there were five heavyweights present when The Beatles visited Clay's training camp. The publicity shots were priceless as they hammed it up for the camera. The Beatles were always being cajoled into going somewhere and meeting somebody for publicity purposes. On this day, however, the fun was genuine. Ringo later joked that he taught Clay everything he knew so he's putting his money on Liston!

The fun time off continued on a warm Miami February night as the Beatles ended the day with Elvis Presley. They went to the drive-in and saw "Fun in Acapulco". Alas, all good things come to an end and The Beatles first U.S. trip is over. Tomorrow they fly back to chilly London.