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February Beatles Blog # 13

by David Louis

The Beatles Invasion of America came to a close on this day in 1964 as the boys returned to London after a quick stop in New York. They were greeted by throngs of fans ready to welcome them home. After landing they held their usual airport press conference. At one point Ringo was asked if they would follow suit of some British musicians and defect to America. Ringo said he'd love to go back to visit but they love England!

The fellas only got one day off before getting back to work over the weekend. they appeared on a variety show called "The Big Night Out". One of the skits parodied their U.S. visit with The Beatles arriving to the studio by boat, car and then entering a back door labeled "Customs".

The Beatles first trip to America wasn't just a big event for Americans looking to get their first taste of Beatlemania, it was also a big thing for their English fans and the country in general. England was very proud to share their Beatles with the world.