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Don't Wreck That Steak On The Grill

by David Louis

So you've taken the monetary plunge and decided you're going to grill up some steaks this weekend. Here are a couple of tips to ensure success no matter how many beers you've had!

When choosing what steak to grill, keep 2 things in mind. Choose a steak that's marbled (some visible fat running through it) OR choose a lean cut and plan on marinating it for at least four hours if not longer. Lean cuts are usually cheaper and always tougher.

You don't need to shell out big bucks for fancy marinades either. Basically you just want to break down the fibers in the meat to make it more tender. An easy rule of thumb is to use something acidic like citrus juice and something to enhance the flavor. Olive oil andWorcestershire work wonders.

If there's one tip that I could pass on to weekend warriors at the grill, it's to liberally salt both sides of the steak prior to grilling. The salt meets the heat and helps keep the juices in the steak where it belongs.

Last but not least is to get the steak off the grill just before you think it's cooked to your liking. The meat needs to sit for a few minutes before you dig in. It actually will continue to cook a little even after being removed from the flame.

Voila! Steaks on the grill so easy a man can do it!