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Honestly Anchovy

by Jeff Flynt

It's the kind of name that strikes fear in the heart of pizza lovers: anchovy.

What exactly is an anchovy?

Most think it's the smelly crap that is only eaten while drunk or on a dare. Or both.

But what you may not understand is that anchovies can be wonderful fish, filled with the healthy oils one tends to search for in a supplement. They don't have the size of tuna, salmon or other oily fish, but if eaten fresh (or packed nicely in salt) can be every bit as wonderful as the larger ocean life which feasts on anchovies themselves.

Commonly in the U.S., anchovies are available in tin cans packed usually in oil. They can be decent if used to make certain items, like Caesar salad dressing.

If you're somebody that searches out fresh fish, anchovies can be amazingly tasty and affordable. It's influential in many Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. 

You can also utilize anchovies for their briny, salty appeal in salsas and relishes.

Bottom line is anchovies are nothing to be scoffed at, unless of course you're considering it for your pizza pie someplace that wouldn't know fresh fish from a clean floor.