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Philadelphia restaurant brings "A" game with new burger

by Jeff Flynt

Who likes ridiculous burger combinations?

If you say no, you don't need to read any further, unless your enjoy thinking about people making slobs out of themselves...in which case don't give up on me yet!

If you're hand is raised, put it down and book a trip to the city of Brotherly Love.

At PYT, they do a "Burger of the Week" promotion. The latest has been unearthed....a Deep-Fried Twinkie Burger.

The folks at PYT have just raised the bar.

It has two deep-fried Twinkies as the bun, a custom made pork belly and beef patty, bacon and American cheese.

I've done a rough estimate of the caloric impact of this monstrosity.

425 calories each for the Twinkie + 147 calories per ounce of pork belly (since it appears to be a 6-7 oz patty, I multiplied that by 3) + 290 calories for about 4 ounces of ground chuck (80-20) + 92 calories for the 2 strips of bacon + 104 calories for the slice of American cheese.

Add all that up and you get approximately 1,777 calories. That's before the crispy waffle fries and spicy pickle which comes with every burger order.

One word: YUM. 

Now top that you burger scientists out there.

(Photo from: Facebook)