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Would you eat here??

by Jeff Flynt

Beer gardens and restaurant overhauls are nothing new, but this venture may not pass the smell test...literally.

The Riverbank Grill is located in the New York state-run greenspace right above the North River Wastewater Treatment Plant in Harlem.

It has outdoor seating with lovely views of the Hudson River and the George Washington Bridge.

I'm assuming it's nice, once you get past the smell. Not to mention the bugs in the summer-time.

"We want the Riverbank Grill to be more casual and funky," owner Tom Cheung told the New York Daily News. "We want to attract more of a casual guest."

Of course he had to use the term "funky". It has to be more than the smell right?

Then again, there are outdoor dining options in Kaukauna...and that city can smell riper than the fruit and vegetables inside the restaurant. 

So what do I know?

(Photo is Riverbank State Park looking at the North River Wastewater Treatment Plant)