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3 of the most important things I realized this year that has improved my striking!!

by Tommy Fox

So I'm certainly not a pro by any means nor a certified teaching instructor.  However, I think some of the most beneficial realizations that can help ball striking don't always need to come from a guru.  Right now I'm a 13 handicap.  Trying to get below a 10 is a tough grind....and from what I've heard from others going from a 9 to scratch is even a tougher grind than that.  The good news is my ball striking just the past few weeks has improved dramatically!  Why?  Well, just from a few simple basic realizations that we've all heard 1000 times before.  I've realized 3 things that brought on these improvements....

1)  DON'T MOVE YOUR HEAD - We've all heard it a million times.  Truth is your head SHOULD come up out of the shot on follow through...so let's rephrase this one..."Don't Move Your Head Before You Actually Hit The Ball".  If you do, your off plane immediately.  This might be the most important aspects of staying on plane.

2)  HOLD THAT LAG!! (The L Club/Wrist hinge that you create on the back swing) - This one is always up for argument.  Some instructors say that if you concentrate on holding your lag too long you will not RELEASE the club.  In my humble experience I have found that it is IMPOSSIBLE to hold the lag too long.  Physics is going to naturally take over and release the club.  That does not mean that you can't accidentally have somewhat of an open club at impact, but that simply has to do with grip adjustment to get a better end result.  I try to hold the lag as long as it's possible to hold.  It has increased my distance significantly.

3)  LET THE CLUB DO THE WORK! - Can't stress this enough.  It's easy to have a sand wedge in your hand and swing it nicely and not try to crank it too hard artificially because your only going about 80 yards or so.  It's when you have to go 150 yards or more that you subconsciously start trying to hit it harder which...in the end....COSTS you yardage.  The odd thing about golf is that with a good smooth swing....the more relaxed and easy you hit it, almost as if you are hitting it slower...the farther the ball goes!  Way farther!  A good drill I learned is to take a club in your right hand and grip it and stance the club normally.  Keep your left hand behind your back.  Swing the club so you literally have a pretty smooth swing that might actually produce an OK ball strike.  The speed at which you swing the club in order to get a good one handed right hand (For Right handed golfer) swing is the speed you should always swing the club.

These 3 things helped me out this year so much that they are almost the only swing thoughts I have had lately.  Good luck!  I hope these reminders helped you!