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Exploring Rose Hulman's top-notch track and football field in Indiana

by Dan Cash

In the past I would have sat down in the hotel room and hung out before heading to sleep for the evening.  I wouldn't have been adventurous or particularly curious about my outdoor surroundings but now it's a totally different story.  

Down in Terre Haute, Indiana last week one of the hotel front desk employees told me I should take a run at Rose Hulman's track only a few miles down the road.  Rose Hulman's campus is one that I have been too in the past but I had never had the opportunity to see their facilities.  So I traded in my shopping center parking lot run for a 9pm workout on-campus. 

I had the track to myself and I took a moment to be amazed at just how nice of a facility Rose Hulman has built.  Top notch grass as the surface of the football field, stands and a well-kept track highlighted the former Indianapolis Colts training camp facility.  Facility aside it's these types of workouts that make it interesting to go on trips.  

We spend too much time cooped up in hotel rooms, houses and apartments instead of getting out and being exposed to some of the amazing scenery other cities have to offer.  This in photos is my trip to a place I would have otherwise never walked on made possible by my continued focus on getting out and running my heart out. 

Have I mentioned how much running has changed my fitness?  

Knocking out some push-ups on the track with the field goal in the background.  Forcing yourself to finish the 50 push-up set becomes even more important considering your surroundings.  

Decided to take my first stair run since I was in high school in Michigan.  Still a monster workout even with the amount of miles I am logging on a daily basis.  Well worth the experiment.  

Give it a shot, get out there and explore your surroundings in your community or even when you head out of town.  Nothing says you have to be boring on the road...go all out!

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