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If you're gonna give in to temptation, go for the BEST of the WORST

by Christy Taylor

Time to dial in on that self control! There’s about to be an explosion of temptation EVERYWHERE! Halloween candy is impossible to avoid, but, it doesn’t have to add up to extra pounds, even if your will power doesn’t hold up.

Here’s some lower calorie options when that candy starts calling your name:

Instead of chewy candy like DOTS, or fruit gushers, choose a chewy treat with no calories, or that is naturally sweet, like a piece of Ice Breakers gum or a mini-box of raisins.

Instead of chocolate bars filled with caramel, toffee or coconut…choose plain milk or dark chocolate fun size bars

Rather than chocolate bars with high calorie caramel and peanut butter, try something with fillers that are low calorie, like puffy grains in treats like Nestle Crunch bars

And PASS on the white chocolate! Dark chocolate treats are a way healthier alternative, like 3 Musketeers Mint, or Dove Dark Chocolate pieces

And sometimes, simply being aware of how many calories are in each piece of candy will help you to avoid over indulging. Before you dive to that trick or treat bag, check out the calorie breakdown here