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Chiropractic during pregnancy

by Nikki Montgomery

When I was pregnant with my twins I had back pain all the time. As you can imagine carrying around that much extra weight right in front and putting on the weight so quickly really does a number on your back. 

Your spine is a series of joints so when you have that many joints being pulled out of place by an extra 20-30 pounds or more in some pregnancies you can experience a lot of discomfort. Draeger Chiropractic helped me with mine. 

My pain was mainly in my lower back. I tried one of those belly support bands, but it was very uncomfortable. Chiropractic was a much better option for me. It took a couple adjustments a week to keep me feeling good, but that was important in my final weeks of pregnancy. 

I wanted to keep working right up until the day I delivered and I did. I credit some of that to chiropractic because I wasn't in constant pain. 

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