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How To Accept the Lingering Winter Time Blues

by Allen Jones

It's that time of year again for the upper mid-west.  Early March, Spring is so close we can practically smell those glorious springtime flowers.  We ache for the need to put on sun-screen and enjoy being outside again.  Shoot, just getting to wear a lighter jacket would be great!  It's so close, but as we all know, winter dies with a vengeance.  Late blizzards, 50 degrees one day, the next back to low teens with a nasty windchill.  How could we ever forget the possibility of a glorious April Ice Storm! But Remember April ice storms bring May...May...sadness?

However, do not fear those lingering winter time blues!  I have developed a few tips (that I have perfected over the years) to help me cope with lingering winter time depression.

1. Accept 

I realized after too long of fighting Winter, that I just had to accept it.  it's not going anywhere very soon so I must accept that I am in the grips of winter, and embrace it!

2. Hibernate

I think it is important to survive winter by thinking like some of our Mammal friends.  To properly hibernate you do need several very important things.

1.  Have very comfy sweat pants. several pairs in fact.

2. Be sure to have a ridiculous amount of blankets and pillows.

3. Netflix is an absolute must.

4 Find at least 5 really good books.  I would suggest the power of Amazon.com and look at reviews, to find the best of the best of what ever genre your into.  

5.  Stuff your house with all of your favorite foods.  

3. It's ok to be lazy!!!

I don't care what the world says, winter time is a time for rest, EMBRACE THAT.  Take a deep breath and don't do anything.(when you can...I recognize we must work sometime)  Take all of your hibernation tools, make the best nest ever!  Have your comfy pants on, surround yourself with blankets, movies and your favorite snack, and your ready to go!

4.  Find a cuddle buddy

If you don't have a cuddle buddy, that's ok!  Thankfully God made the worlds most ultimate cuddler.  The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, seriously this dog lives to snuggle you, it has no greater purpose.


5. Find At Least One Winter Time Activity.

Ok, i will admit this breaks my main theme, but it really does help to enjoy doing at least one thing, that you can only do in the winter time.  Whether that's skiing at great bear, ice fishing, or cross country skiing!  There are some really great cross country skiing trails near Sioux Falls.

Yes, my methods might be unorthodox, but if you take a breath and give into that lazy person inside, it really does help to get through winter.  And remember it really won't be much longer!!  Then I'll be giving you my favorite tips on how to shake off that winter hibernation(and how to lose that extra weight you gained during winter...be warned, that is a possible side effect of the method).

Allen Jones