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How to Feel Like a Kid Again (if only for about 30 minutes)

by Allen Jones

Nostalgia.  Euphoric.  Pure childhood happiness....all thanks to the incredible power that is Netflix. 

I was a child of the late 80's early 90's, and as most of us in my generation, we grew up on some very special television shows.  These shows became our friends, and for a child who moved around several times during his childhood, these TV shows and characters became a comfort that I could always count on to be there.

As I grew older many of these TV show disappeared, and I discovered new TV shows which also eventually disappeared.  I've thought about them over the years, and have had great discussions with friends who also miss some of there favorite childhood shows.  Shows like Doug, Rugrats, Ninja Turtles, Hey Arnold, Pokémon, The Angry Beavers,...I could keep going for a very long time (yep, I was a Nickelodeon kid).

I can always remember conversations with friends, when we both realized how much we loved the same show growing up, and what we wouldn't give to get to watch even one episode again!

Then behold, suddenly Netflix starts having these old cartoons from the 90's slowly start appearing again.  One after another, it becomes a gold mine of childhood nostalgia!!

However, I'm scared.  What if these shows aren't as great as I remember, what if they're actually really bad, and I am about to destroy some very fond memories.  I hold my breath...and take the plunge.

My journey starts with the cartoon Doug, A Nickelodeon tv show, that I loved as a kid!  Doug inspired me to start writing a journal, and he made me want to start playing a banjo!

The show is everything I remember and more.  Looking at it through an adult's eyes is even more fulfilling, and I feel so many childhood memories that I had forgotten come flooding back.  It felt like opening up a time capsule, not only because I was watching this old show, it made me remember events that were going on in my life when I first watched the show and how I was feeling at the time.  It was an incredible journey into my past.

So, if you want to feel like a kid again, and take a trip of pure nostalgia, grab your Netflix( you can always get one month for free, and then cancel if you don't have it)  and start finding shows you grew up with.  They even have Care Bears now!  I promise you won't regret it!