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Training Camp Logistics

by Amanda Bechen

I've been attending Vikings training camp for a number of years. Thursday was no different, as 90 football players were in a routine, either trying to make the team or trying to learn the system.

The Minnesota Vikings have a new coach, Mike Zimmer. He's never been a head coach, but has been an assistant for years.

How do you get 90 guys to practice, to classroom time, to eat or to bed on time? What exactly will you practice today? Who will get the reps? I find it very fascinating.

I believe any NFL team in training camp pretty much knows who is in and who is going to out..they just need to know the players they'll need for special teams and the practice squad.

The 'superstars' won't see much, if any, playing time in the preseason. The #2 & #3 guys will be getting the major reps before the season starts. Then its up to the starters to take over when Week One gets here.

For those on the bubble, they are at practice early and stay late. They hustle in practice and try to get noticed by the coaches. Those are the guys who won't sleep much in the next 3 weeks.