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Behind the Scenes

by Christy Taylor

They never get a standing ovation or even get up on stage. Some of the real stars at the Sioux Empire Community Theatre are faces and names you've never seen or even heard of! 

But, the show could not go on without them! The stage crew. The folks who spend hours and hours before opening night perfecting every last detail of the set.

And, many of them volunteers! Andy and I took some time on Friday to help the crew get ready for the upcoming production of "Noises Off"

Really what that meant was us helping carry very heavy objects, while the true geniuses fit it all together!  

"Noises Off" presents a brand new challenge to the stage crew--it takes place on a revolving set. That means every inch matters when putting things in place. Andy and I watched as they meticulously drew out the huge round outline and installed dozens of wheels for the platform. 

Andy and I were able to save them a little time with transporting the set. I thought it was such a fun way for us to get involved and literally get the 'behind the scenes' look at theatre.  Another mission complete. I can't wait to see the end result!

In the weeks leading up to each new performance, SECT invites volunteers to help the crew. If you'd like to join the fun, find volunteer information here at the theatre's website.