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The Most Stressful Number of Kids to Have Is....

by Corey Carter

According to a new survey, the most stressful number of kids is . . . exactly THREE.  Mothers with three kids stress out more than moms with one or two kids . . . but also stress out more than moms with four or more.

Link to TODAY.COM story HERE

Having twin 19-month old boys and a 3 1/2 year old daughter...my Wife and I can relate. 

We've very blessed that all 3 are very happy, healthy and well-behaved children.  

One of the reasons why we think they are well behaved is because since EARLY-ON we've been VERY strict on bed-time.

We have had to make MAJOR sacrifices to make this happen. Literally, we have NEVER (not once, in 19 months) gone past thirty minutes past their bedtime.   Same thing for their naps.  We've also ALWAYS been here (at least one of us, 95% of the time both of us) to put the kids to bed.

We do Noon for naps (they usually sleep approx. 2 hours - although it's become less with our daughter, who likes to "play" by herself in her room for up to an hour)

We do 7:30 STRICT bath-time every night, followed by a bottle and rocking the boys to bed, while our daughter watches a cartoon and has a nighttime snack.  Then we let our daughter stay up until no-later than 8:15p and put her to bed.

Maybe we're lucky, but the kids NEVER fight going to bed.  They don't know any different. In fact, at nap time, they all VOLUNTARILY (about 90% of the time) walk into their rooms and WANT to nap.

I suggest every parent lay down strict rules early with their children and they can avoid a lot of STRESS, because having 3 kids is TOUGH...but when Mom and Dad and kids are rested properly, it becomes MUCH easier to deal with the stresses.

Recommended reading: BOOK:  "Healthy Sleep Habits - Happy Child"

Not try to preach or brag, but it's just a tip that we'd like to share with other parents or potential parents as we feel it's helped us manage the stress-level well!