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When 15 Year Olds Drive

by Mark Evans

I've not BLOGGED a whole lot about my son as he lives his life more or less below the radar; and he  doesn't really appreciate having a parent who is in the media so I leave him pretty much alone.

Until today.

Jared got his Michigan  Learners Permit last week, something he made damn sure I was aware of when I shot back to see him and his sister this past weekend.

Like any anxious new driver, he wanted some quality time with me.....with him behind the wheel of my car.  So, remembering what it was like for me 30 years ago (My God....when you say it like that.....) I was happy to oblige.  Kinda.

Rule #1:  MY CAR, MY RULES 

Both hands on the wheel....both eyes on the road.  You're driving so it's MY job to look at the girls as we go past the beach.  Got it??

Rule #2:  THE RADIO.....IT'S MINE

Both hands on the wheel...neither ear listening to music.  You're driving so it's MY job to air guitar Eddie Van Halen and Air Drum along with Rush.


If this rule needs explaining you are NEVER touching my car again.......EVER!!

Overall, he did great!!  (But I am glad my ex wife gets to deal more with this than I do.  I'll just keep paying support and praying for the best.)