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Back From Camp...

by David Kuharski

In our last episode Caleb was off frolicking at Summer Camp!

Our hero has since returned, to the land of bed times, little bothers (yup, meant to) and sissies and life-after-camp! At first you might think that it was a hard transition.  But, to Caleb's credit he's been a stellar big brother and has transitioned back pretty nicely!

From a faith standpoint, Caleb drew closer to the LORD and connected with one of the camp counselors too!  Julie and I are very proud!

From a parenting position, as much as we missed him we while he was gone, I think the break did him well.  He came back tanned with stories of battling hornets, kayaking, catching a fish, playing gaga ball and more.  I think it also gave him some time to cut loose away from his brothers and sisters.  When you consider his special needs, it was, I think, an even greater opportunity!  KUDOS to the Camp JIM personnel, who handled the C-man well! 

The only problem I can see with camp down the road is--what do we do when his siblings are old enough to go too?  We'll deal with that bridge when we get there.  In the meantime, I need to pick Caleb's brain on fishing tips.