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Bath Time!

by David Kuharski

My wonderful wifey, Julie, normally oversees bath time with our kiddos.  Up until last night I was usually on the sidelines.  If I had work to do, I usually took care of it during this break.  But--as you read--Monday night (etched in stone on our bath time calendar) Mumma was busy.  Enter Frank Reich (Jim Kelly's backup).  I was pressed into duty.  Like I said before, Julie normally takes care of this--back breaking work.  But there I was, testing water temperature, pulling of diapers, and praying I would be helping Julie--not making matters worse! 

But--for Daddies out there--everything went well and my middle boys (See--small detail... Julie took care of bath time with our other little kiddos) are sudsy clean!  Speaking of, I might've wiped out our supply of baby bath--but it was worth it see Keith and Adam frolic in the tub. 

So, my point--if you haven't tackled bath time in a while, give Fran Tarkenton a breather and scamper out onto the field.  Yeah the D will chase you around the field as water gets dumped over the side of the tub and you break the toilet seat--but the smiles are worth it--and your wife will thank you for the Gatorade break.