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A Challenge to "Sunset Photographers"

by Dave Kallaway

I check Facebook everyday..got to. It's part of being in radio. But as a photographer it has become the "Look A Chicken" Point & Shoot Gallery. Sorry friends..I love ya..but you have a camera in your phone and you need to challenge yourself to take more than just blurry photos of sunsets. I love sunsets. I love seeing them. You now have to challenge yourself to post more than just a cloud with nothing else in the picture. Where are you? Isn't there something you can include in the foreground that helps to "tell a story." Pictures are stories. So tell the story. When the sun comes up or when it goes down..yes..it's colorful..but think before you shoot. "What do I want this picture to say..and can it say something about me?" Use your imagination...I'll be checking to see what you do...:)