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How Much Would You Pay for this Giant Eraser? (This is NOT a Trick Question)

by Ryan Kelly

My son, Elijah, and I have several rituals. One of them is that we go to Happy Joe's nearly every Wednesday night for their buffet. The buffet is delicious, and reasonably priced. Purchasing tokens for games is where it's easy to blow a wad of cash.

Here's something to think about: what could you get with $20? Here are a few ideas that I have:

- Roughly 5 gallons of gas

- 5 skinny lattes

- A bottle of hairspray

- 2 bottles of nail polish

- 15 new songs on iTunes

(you get the idea)

Last night, this is what I 'won' for $20. I thought it was a waste of money...but, when I saw how happy Elijah was to bring his new giant eraser to school....it made perfect sense to me:)