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Knitting - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

by Ryan Kelly

Having children makes us wonder as parents: how did we know what love was before kids? How did we possibly sleep for 10 hours at a time? And, what did we do with all of our spare time? I have come to accept all of these facts...however, yesterday I decided to re-learn a hobby I used to do before having my son. Knitting.

Ten years ago - I was a knitting nut. I had mastered hats and was embarking on bags. Then, in 2005, my #1 priority became Elijah. Knitting was put on the back burner. Nine and a half years later....I am proud to say - I have picked up the needles once again!

Not wanting for fall group lessons - I signed up for private knitting instruction. Saturday morning, I met a woman named Charlotte who would re-acquaint me with K2P2. (Knit 2, Purl 2) The photo on this page is the hat I began.

Saturday afternoon, I got home and started my new project. There was one problem, though. I forgot how to purl. I called Charlotte and asked herif we could get together again. So, yesterday...I mastered the purl.

I did a few rounds and then put away my project for the night. Dinner had to be made, dishes had to be washed and Liouxie (my yorkie) needed a walk.

After 3 hours of sleep last night - I woke up. And, what was on my mind? KNITTING! I feared I had forgotten how to purl. So, I got out of bed and knitted. One round, two rounds....I ended up K2P2-ing for over an hour. They say knitting is relaxing - however, after returning to bed - i think my heart rate was higher then before I continued working on my baby blue hat.

What did I learn? Knitting is not the solution when trying to fall back asleep. Thanks to Google, I found a couple of other ideas when trying to get some shut eye:

Do relaxing and calm exercises

Listen to music


Stay away from electronics - the lights can trick your brain into thinking it's daytime

Do not do anything productive (like knitting!) - Our brain wakes our bodies up

With that...

Good night, sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite!

xoxo, Ryan.