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Lady Gaga - Best Concert of 2014

by Ryan Kelly

When it comes to concerts, 2014 might be my luckiest year yet. Since January 1st - I have taken in P!nk, Justin TImberlake, Miley Cyrus and JUST LAST NIGHT...LADY GAGA. Wow. That last one is by FAR my favorite.

Gaga is not only a performer, but an amazing entertainer. Vocally, she was spot on. (My only complaint was that she didn't sing "Edge of Glory).

Her costumes and wardrobe changes were magnificent. Unrecognizable at time. But, I guess that's what makes her Lady Gaga, right?! For her hair alone, it included: long blond curly hair; a bright green bob; stick-straight long blonde hair; brunette long locks and what looked like teased braids.

She can sing, she can dance, she can wow an entire stadium. If you have the chance to see her in concert...do yourself a favor. GO! Below is a pic of my bestie, Jamie and I at the show.