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The New Twist on Hard Boiled Eggs

by Ryan Kelly

When I learn something great....I have to share! If you love hard boiled eggs, you will love this! I have experienced frustration when boiling hard boiled eggs. When it comes time to peel them, the shell inevitably breaks into a million little pieces and the egg is wasted. So, I have been going to my favorite grocery store and buying a dozen already hard boiled eggs for $5. (Man, is that expensive!)

In the lunch room today, one of my co-workers was eating hard boiled eggs. Having the gift of gab - I told her that i absolutely LOVE hard boiled eggs. EXCEPT...when they get ruined. She then told me her new technique. (Which she found on Facebook). Get this, you put eggs (not boiled or cooked) into a muffin pan. Set your oven to 350 degrees - and bake them for 30 minutes.

I better get going...I have to get my eggs out of the oven in 7 minutes:)