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They Came - My Swedish Hasbeens!

by Ryan Kelly

Do you you know what makes a Monday perfect?  Getting home from  work, and receiving a delivery from the online shopping you did the previous week! 

My Swedish Hasbeens have arrived! They were delivered to me this afternoon at home by a gentleman wearing a brown UPS uniform.  When I saw the truck pull up in front of our home....I couldn't wait to tear open the box!

I can't tell you how  many times I have thought about ordering Swedish Hasbeens.  This brand of clog is definitely my favorite - it looks as if it stepped right out of the 70's - yet has a clean, chic look.  I tried them on - and absolutely LOVE them!  I was reading on how to break them in - and you won't believe what the company suggests?  Rubbing olive oil on them?!  I don't think I will go that far - but, I can't wait to wear them with dresses, skirts, boyfriend jeans.  In fact, I am so excited to break them on...I think I might wear them with my sweats to the grocery store:) 

Who else LOVES Swedish Hasbeens?  My favorite - SJP<3