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Who Knew?! Unusual Uses for Dryer Sheets

by Ryan Kelly

Moms of kids know better than anyone else that there is not much time to do things for themselves. Before our recent flight to Seattle (the first week in June) - I had magazines piled up to read going as far back as April. I should clarify....the magazines I subscribe to are not Time, Forbes or even, Oprah. Nope. I subscribe to magazines that features pictures. Lots of 'em. (Marie Claire, Allure, InStyle and Lucky). Another bonus to being the only female in the house? My magazines do not go missing!

Upon returning from Seattle, I found numerous articles...ok, photos.....of things that I liked. Maybe a new nail polish color to try; a hair style to attempt; or in this case, an idea to share with you!

The following are additional ideas for using dryer sheets. I thought they were pretty cool.

1. After a workout, press a dryer sheet (preferably Bounce) against your hair to absorb sweat and to leave your hairline smelling fresh.

2. Stinky shoes? Not for long! Rub down the insides of the odorous shoes and then stuff it in the toe of the shoe overnight. Next morning, remove the sheet...and you should notice a difference.

3. Want to keep bugs and bees away when outside? Wipe your skin down with a dryer sheet before heading outdoors. The scent detours them from leaving their mark!

4. Toss a dryer sheet into the dirty clothes hamper...you should notice a more pleasant smell when you open the top.

5. A dryer sheet is a great way to dust - the texture picks up dust bunnies like you wouldn't believe!

6. A damp dryer sheet is a great way to combat soap buildup in showers!

7. After a long car drive - we often get bugs caked on the windshield. To get those pesky things off of the glass....wet the windshield and use a dryer sheet to remove the residue.

8. Try this: Put a dryer sheet in the roll of toilet paper. With every turn, scent of dryer sheets should fill the room!

9. To make kitchen cleanup easier, soak dirty pans in warm water with a dryer sheet. It will save you so much time!

10. As you sleep, you may want to slide a dryer sheet in your pillow case and under the mattress for sweet smells all summer long.