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Clay Matthews New Fathead Commercial

by Jon Henseler

Two things; #1, if he doesn't grow out a Magnum PI 'stache like that for the rest of the season I consider this bye week a complete failure. Like that has to be priority 1A with getting his hamstring in order 1B. And #2, this ad is a 10.

PS: Cue all the 'guess he should spend less time making ads and more time stretching his hamstring' idiots. They can get in a boat with the 'we? I don't recall you doing anything' and the 'if you criticize the team you're not a true fan' folks and take a one way trip to Belize.

Double PS: Off topic; I think 'handyman' might be the sneaky greatest job to have to get women. Like in my short life I've learned that nothing is a bigger turn on to women than a dude who can fix things with his own hands. Like I think it might even outrank rock star or athlete. I know there's stories of Mick Jagger and Gene Simmons hooking up with thousands of women but for some reason I feel like Bob Vila hears that and smirks saying 'that's cute.' In retrospect I should have taken that shop class in high school senior year instead of 3 study halls.