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Texas High School Football Games Ends with a 91-0 Final Score. Bullying Complaint Filed.

by Jon Henseler

So this story was generating a lot of controversy recently. Apparently during a high school football game in Texas one team (Aledo) beat another team (Western Hills) by a final score of 91-0. Sort of a shocking score until you dig a little deeper (reading the second paragraph) and find out that Aledo is a certified powerhouse that has been winning their conference games by an average of 77 points per game. But naturally given the culture we now live in, a parent at Western Hills is filing a bullying complaint against Aledo. Now the administration at Aledo are forced to launch a full on investigation, file a ton of TPS reports and essentially waste taxpayer money for what the Western Hills coach already deemed 'the way football is supposed to be played in Texas.' 

Now my initial reaction to this is 'wussification of America at it's finest,' and 'if you want to not lose by 91 points, then stop somebody.' Granted I don't have kids. Shocking I know. You'd think women would be drawn to me like moths to a porch light with my 'writing' career and unlimited credit line with my mom and dad. So maybe given that I don't have that context and have never watched a son or daughter lose a game this badly, I don't really understand the scope of it. But at the end of the day I'm not sure what this parent wanted to have happen. For Aledo to just start taking 3 knees every drive once they were up 40-0? Personally I'd be more embarrassed by that than if they scored 150 against me. And I've been on the other side of these routes. Once in 7th grade basketball my team lost a game 98-2. Was it fun? For sure not. But did anyone file a bullying complaint? Double for sure not. You know what that beat-down taught me? Maybe I'm not going to play in the NBA after all! Might be time to explore some other hobbies and find something else I'm good at. Maybe time to put down the basketball for a while and work on my run-on sentences for a future blogging career. The world needs ditch diggers too .

PS: How about the poor kid who goes to Western Hills whose parent filed this complaint? Your mom/dad files a complaint for bullying is bad enough. But when it coincides with high school football? In Texas? Steven Glansberg won't even sit with this guy for the duration of his high school career.