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This guy needs to be made an example of...and NOW

by Jim McKinney

Soccer is the #1 sport around the world...making some inroads here in the US...and if this sport wants to remain creditable at all...then authorities in Utah must throw the proverbial book at this 17 year old tool who punched a referee in the head after getting a YELLOW card...if you haven't heard...the ref died later of his injuries...and the Salt Lake County DA stated that his office couldn't find any "premeditation or intent"...thus the lower charge of homicide by assault.  IS HE KIDDING?  This idiot player left his position...argued with the referee...then struck him in the head while the ref had his head down.  Seems to me there's some intent there...and this poor man's family deserves to see this player tried as an adult and then charged with the top crime possible- manslaughter...or murder.  This nutbag needs to get as many years as possible...and the world's soccer organizations...are you listening FIFA?...need to take a stronger stance to protect its officials...from youth leagues to the professional level.  You touch an official...you don't play again- EVER.  Sounds draconian, doesn't it?  Too bad.  There have been too many examples of players/coaches assaulting referees at all levels...and something needs to be done to insure that it just doesn't happen again...and if that means that you go bye bye and never play again because you strike an official...so be it.  And if you think my solution is too drastic...please go to Salt Lake City and explain why to the family of the late Ricardo Portillo, who just lost their father, grandfather, and relative to an unbelievebly selfish and totally unnecessary action by someone who apparently thought he was going to get away with it. Make sure he doesn't.