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Millen connects with Calvin Johnson to lead Lions to the Super Bowl?

by Dan Cash

Could Millen to Johnson become the Lions of the future?

It's official.  Hell has frozen over.  The Detroit Lions are bringing in former Richmond quarterback John Laub to tryout for the team as an undrafted rookie.  (Video proof that Laub does have some skills)  In the normal world we refer to as earth this is no big deal.  A college quarterback that wasn't drafted looking to make it to the NFL level.  This is his shot to shine for a real National Football League team. 

There's only one issue.  It's former Detroit Lions General Manager Matt Millen's cousin.  

Source: Richmond Spiders

As you might recall the Detroit Lions suffered the single worst season in professional football history, failed to win a road game for 3 years & the entire time Millen was the 2nd highest paid executive in the NFL.  It was the single closest moment to a fanbase staging a coup against the owners of a major American business.