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A Nice Problem to Have

by Tom King

The Green Bay Packers have been one of the most consistent teams in the last 7-8 years. Consistently good that is. It's interesting because their was a time when Mike McCarthy was actually on the hot seat. And everyone clearly remembers that Ted Thompson was not the most popular person when he orchestrated the removal of Brett Favre. That being said...right now few have more job security in the State of Wisconsin  than the Packer coach and GM.

The Packers had their rookie orientation this past weekend. This is where Mike McCarthy and his coaches get their first real look at the guys that Thompson and his scouts have drafted and signed. Green Bay is in the enviable position of not having many holes to fix...they drafted Datone Jones to help defense the new fangled offenses that San Francisco and Seattle threw at them last year. And they have struggled to run the football. Although Mike McCarthy says all the right things about having a balanced attack and the need to run the football...let face it...as long as you have Aaron Rodgers throwing the football to the talented group of wideouts that the Packers can put on the field...the rushing game is going to take the back seat. The new guys (Eddie Lacy & Jon Franklin along with Angelo Pease of Kansas State) should be a definite upgrade from what they've had over the last few years...but the Packer O only goes as far as Rodgers arm & head takes it. So if that's the main problem the Packers face going into the summer...it's really no problem at all.